GILI Adventure 11′ SUP Review

The GILI Adventure is an incredible decision for those searching for an adaptable all-around inflatable SUP that merits the venture. Its ravishing plan and premium highlights have certainly grabbed our eye.

GILI might be another organization however they are unquestionably causing ripple effects and we foresee that we will see a greater amount of them assuming they continue to deliver sheets on par with the 11′ Adventure.

Unlock the full potential of the “GILI Adventure 11′ SUP Review” as we delve deep into its design, features, and why it’s a standout choice for paddlers of all levels.

GILI Adventure 11′ SUP Review.
Gili Adventure 11′ paddle board

Explore GILI Adventure 11′ SUP Review

Newbies GILI Sports, established by Jay Regan, showed up on the scene last year with the arrival of their initial two SUP models. The overall SUP, The 11′ GILI Adventure, accompanies a heap of refreshed highlights that make it a tremendous redesign from their 10’6″ AIR.

GILI Sports is prepared to show its value through its growing scope of embellishments and inflatable SUPs to add to their present assortment; which includes their initial two sheets.

Here we will audit the 11′ GILI Adventure, from the plan and fabricate, the great and the terrible to discretionary frill. We will show you all that this overall inflatable SUP brings to the table, and how it looks at the organization’s 10’6″ AIR in addition to giving you admittance to an exceptional proposal from GILI Sports.

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Length Width Thickness Weight Weight Capacity
11″ 32″ 6″ 22 lbs 290 lbs
gili paddle board reviews

One of the lightest weight iSUP sheets we have seen, the GILI Adventure gauges a simple 19 pounds and is estimated at 11′ x 32″ x 6″. This flexible all-around SUP moves more rapidly across the water than the 10’6″ AIR, which we recently audited. This is an extraordinary iSUP decision for the people who would rather not limit their choices with regard to utilizing their board.

GILI Sports’ unique board was just accessible in blue, and the current year’s shading choices have developed to two, red and greenish blue. Showing us that despite the fact that GILI is another name, they are prepared to acquire faithfulness from their clients by rapidly conveying what they request.

The Adventure divulges considerably more shading choices with yellow/dark and blue/dim shading plans. Since their send-off, GILI Sports has overhauled from the fundamental economy 10’6″ AIR to the top-notch 11′ Adventure. The Adventure is loaded with sufficient premium highlights to qualify it to go up against a portion of the leaders in inflatable SUP sheets.

The organization began by covering the two closures of the market prior to filling in the holes, the 10’6″ AIR is their fundamental all-around SUP that is to get you out on the water without burning through every last dollar. The 11′ Adventure is for the individuals who will go a little overboard to have all that they need and more in one premium bundle. We desire to see GILI ultimately offer a total scope of iSUPs that anybody can manage the cost of regardless of their financial plan.

How about we feel free to rip the gauze off, the first posting cost of the Adventure was $749.95, however starting on 3/13/19 GILI scaled down the cost to $600. The lower sticker price stings somewhat less and furthermore qualifies GILI to contend with other notable premium spending plan iSUP brands.

Updates features

Taking a gander at the top deck of the Adventure we see a brushed EVA froth footing cushion. The AIR has a precious stone depression design while similarly agreeable; the smoother surface of the brushed example on the Adventure makes it more appealing to individuals who appreciate SUP yoga and wellness.

The brushed surface is gentler under your hands and feet. In the focal point of the board, we observe the conveying handle with an incorporated neoprene cover. We would really like to see either Velcro or removable covers. Having the choice to eliminate the handle covers permits them to lie level, and you can then balance them to dry prior to putting away your board.

gilli paddle board reviews

Situated at the edges of the footing cushion we see six D-rings which are really convenient to have on an inflatable SUP. D-rings give a put-to-join add-on adornment pack and give you additional strap focuses for things like a SUP cooler.

On the button of the board is the primary bungee stockpiling framework for securing your dry sack, additional stuff, or holding your oar. The six-point bungee framework is connected with shading-coded D-rings that, once more, fill numerous needs. There is likewise the subsequent get handle at the nose for pulling your board all through the water.

Dropping down to the tail of the Adventure we see the auxiliary bungee stockpiling framework. We love it when iSUPs accompany two bungee stockpiling regions, giving the paddler more space for getting their stuff while conveying travelers like the youngsters or hide infants. Along the tail we can likewise see the board’s expansion valve, a D-ring for getting your chain, and a third snatch handle for added comfort.

Under the tail of the board is the tri-blade arrangement, GILI Sports displayed their instrument-less balance framework after those being utilized by iROCKER and THURSO SURF. The middle balance is the biggest of the three and is likewise removable when contrasted with the proper side balances.

Design and Build

GILI picked a double-layer MSL and PVC development for the Adventure, bringing about a lighter board that is stiffer at lower pressures.

GILI Adventure 11′ design

The Board In Action

The GILI Adventure is not only highly stable and easy to control once in the water, but it is also a lot of fun to ride. It’s a wonderful board for SUP yoga because of its 32″ width.

The initial iteration of the GILI Sports 10’6″ AIR featured a single fin system, which, while ideal for handling shallow seas, limited the board’s all-around ability. Thankfully, GILI Sports abandoned that idea and instead released the Adventure with a triple fin system, as well as upgrading the AIR to the same tri-fin configuration.

When inflated to the recommended 15 PSI, the Adventure is highly rigid because of its MSL structure. GILI Sports didn’t hold back on quality in a solitary detail; each of the mechanics that make up this board is of premium quality.

The Good and The bad

The GILI Adventure is an excellent all-around inflatable SUP. Everything about the board, from its appearance to its construction, has been done with meticulous attention to detail. The Adventure comes with a slew of high-end features that are within everyone’s budget.

GILI has already demonstrated its commitment to client happiness by improving a number of features in its second version. GILI relocated its manufacturing facilities and included all of the features that its clients requested in the Adventure.

Gili adventure review

We can see that GILI leads by example, and their boards are impressive for a young company. We questioned if there was anything to conceal with such dazzling features, and after a little digging, we discovered that GILI wasn’t hiding anything. 

We’ve already discussed our preference for removable handle covers; it’s not a deal-breaker, but if we had our pick, we’d go with Velcro covers because they’re more versatile. GILI had already resolved the issue before we could file our next complaint. GILI used to only give a one-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee on its inflatable SUPs, but they now offer a two-year warranty across the board.

What’s Inside

In one attractive package, GILI packed everything you’ll need to get out on the water. The 11′ Adventure includes:

  • Travel rucksack
  • Lightweight travel paddle
  • GRI double activity siphon
  • GRI double activity siphon
  • Fix unit
Gili adventure isup package

Travel Backpack

GILI’s travel backpack has also been updated. The bag is well-made and spacious enough to hold all of your essentials.

Cinch straps on the front and sides of the backpack allow you to compress the bag for travel while keeping your belongings secure. The side straps, which were in the way on last year’s release, were swiftly remedied by GILI.

A mesh storage pouch on one side of the backpack can contain all of your paddle components, as well as a water bottle or even a yoga mat. Once your gear is in the pocket, use the adjustable side straps to secure it so you don’t lose any vital items.

A clear luggage tag window is located on the top of the bag. A grab bar at the top would have been ideal for grasping your bag from any direction. Loading and unloading your bag from storage is made easier with additional grasp handles. The bag’s bottom features four rubber feet to protect it when it’s upright, as well as a metal drain for any water or debris that may have gotten inside.

GILI didn’t forget about practicality, placing a grab handle near the top of the bag, which rests on the rear panel. The waist strap and sternum strap remove the weight of the pack from your back and shoulders, while the two shoulder straps are padded for longer durations of wear. The rear panel of the backpack is padded with breathable mesh material to increase comfort even more.

In addition to the missing top carrying handle, we’d like side carrying handles and some bottom-mounted wheels for when you don’t feel like strapping your pack on.

Lightweight Carbon fiber Paddle

The GILI logo is stamped in nylon on the three-piece travel paddle, which is made of ultra-lightweight carbon fiber.

The paddle is adaptable to fit paddlers of all heights and is really simple to put together. To prevent twisting, simply slip the shaft parts together and secure them with the pin. Connect the nylon blade to the locking lever, which allows you to adjust the angle of your paddle’s handle. If we’re being very picky, we’d prefer a matte finish over the existing high-gloss. We like how the paddle’s end has an extended grab handle for better grip and performance.

GRI DUAL-Action Pump

A GRI manual pump is included with every Adventure. The pump itself has a one-of-a-kind dual-action design. With the plug-in position, simply start pumping, allowing air to enter with both up and down strokes. Remove the plug once the pressure has reached the recommended 15 PSI for your board. The pump incorporates a built-in pressure gauge in the center of the handlebar for monitoring PSI in addition to the flexible inflation hose.

Ankle Leash

The 10′ coiled ankle leash keeps your board safely tied to you. This leash has swivel joints and a tighter coil, allowing you to move around easily and preventing it from dragging behind you in the water. A secret pocket on the soft neoprene cuff is perfect for storing your keys. We like how GILI color-coordinated its accessories to complement the board’s design, simplifying the overall aesthetic.

Patch Kit

Finally, GILI includes an iSUP patch kit in case anything goes wrong. A valve wrench and two PVC patches are cleverly kept in an orange plastic canister. You’ll have to buy adhesive separately, but there’s plenty of room in the canister for it.


GILI has already taken care of its consumers by providing a two-year warranty and a 60-day money return guarantee on all inflatable SUPs. As an added benefit, all of the supplied accessories are backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is far more than most firms offer.

Where to Get One + Limited Time Offer

The GILI Adventure is available for purchase directly from the company’s website. When you order directly from GILI, you’ll get the greatest prices, free shipping, and no sales tax (except for Wyoming, sorry guys).

GILI Adventure 11′

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