iRocker Sport 11’x 31” Review

Call us old-fashioned, but we believe that the primary motivation for purchasing a paddleboard is to get out on the water and have some fun! Of course, in order to accomplish so, you’ll need a board that will allow you to perform at your best on the water.

On the water, the 2021 iRocker Sport 11 is built to be a force to be reckoned with. It’s slim, elegant, and packed with functions to keep you performing at your best.

We adore these boards since they were nothing more than glorified toys when we first started using inflatable paddle boards years ago. However, as time passes and companies such as iRocker take their design seriously, it’s amazing to see what you can achieve with them!

Explore iRocker Sport 11 Review

We’re going to focus on one basic topic when it comes to the iRocker Sport: should you buy it? We’ll be looking at it from the perspective of someone who has never owned a paddleboard before, is looking to upgrade to a more performance-driven model, or has an older model of the Sport and wants to upgrade to the most contemporary version. Read our full and In-depth iRocker all around 10 reviews.

iRocker Sport 11 Review - Discover the Excellence of this Versatile Paddleboard.
iRocker Sport 11′ X 31″ 


This is an appropriate category because this board is all about performance. There are racing boards on the market, but they’re usually more expensive and don’t have the same versatility as the Sport. Its long, thin shape lets it glide fast through the water and is particularly well adapted to calmer conditions. If you’re looking for something with more control in choppy circumstances, check out the All Around or even the Cruiser from iRocker, as this won’t provide you the same level of control.

The only significant disadvantage of this board is its thinness when compared to a regular paddleboard. Most of us are accustomed to having a width of 32 inches or perhaps more, depending on the type of board we’re using.

This is a slimmer board that has been designed to be as low-profile as possible in order to be as quick as possible. This may not be the most desirable quality for someone who requires at least a basic level of deck stability, or for someone who is just getting started with paddleboarding.

Because this board is designed to be used at high speeds — at least high speeds for a paddleboard — maneuverability is more of a minor issue. As a general rule, the faster you move, the more difficult it becomes. Since this board is truly intended to get you moving as quickly as could really be expected and is more slender than a standard board, you ought to hope to have somewhat more trouble making sharp turns.

The last category we talk about while referencing execution is surfing. When in doubt, we take nothing north of 10 feet 6 crawls on the water explicitly for any sort of surfing. We have taken sheets 11 feet or more and done a few surfing in our testing and keeping in mind that comical, we didn’t get the outcomes you would anticipate.

Loads up as the Sport will generally stall their nose out in the water when you’re on a wave and send you flying in the air when the tail dispatches you. That being said, this was not intended for surfing and you can’t blame it for not having the option to do something it wasn’t intended to do.

irocker sport 11 sup reviews


Dissimilar to most other iRocker paddleboards, the 2021 Sport is more execution-driven than highlight-driven. Indeed, you’re actually going to see a lot of what you may anticipate from a standard iRocker paddle board, however, this is a great up that is intended for moving rapidly and not really going the entire day on the water.

Regardless, we have a front 6-point bungee stockpiling region where you can put free sacks and hardware in addition to D-rings where you can cut on gear like dry packs or coolers. Other iRocker models have an auxiliary stockpiling region toward the back, however, the Sports bars account for a perfect little element that they added to the back.

There is a part of the deck that incorporates a standing region with a kicker behind it. This fills two needs: the first is to show you precisely where you should be remaining to get the best focus of gravity her quickest execution. The second piece of this component is having a kick where you can recline when you’re truly getting into it and still have some additional steadiness so you don’t go pouring out the back.

D rings are never an issue on iRocker paddleboards! Very much like different sheets of this line, the Sport rocks 20 D-rings found all through the deck and one beneath. These fill an assortment of needs going from connection focuses for a discretionary kayak seat, giving you regions to join carabiners for mooring, or even daisy-binding other paddleboards.

As we would anticipate from iRocker sheets, there are three get handles situated all through the deck. These remember for the focal point of the board (which is genuinely standard in the business), one on the front, and one on the back. These snatch handles are found where they truly give you the greatest mobility in the water and give you the choice to drag the board ashore without harming the balance.

Something that a ton of paddleboard surveys need is the truth of shipping the board to the water. While clearly, the most ideal choice is to blow up the oar board right close to the water and promptly go in, our experience has shown us that that is not dependably a choice. Over and over, we’ve needed to expand the oar board very much a separation away from the actual water and afterward convey it. Having these additional get handles makes life significantly more straightforward on the off chance that you need to move a goliath expanded piece of plastic on a blustery day at the ocean side!

irocker sup reviews

SUP Board Design

Contrasted with different models of this line, the 2021 Sport has fewer shading choices accessible, just including three this year. This checks out on the grounds that we’re certain that they produce many fewer of these models than other famous models, like the Cruiser or All Around. All things considered, we feel that somebody who truly will exploit this kind of board will see the shading decisions as not exactly significant.

The nose of this board is more honed and less adjusted contrasted with its brethren, yet not quite as V-formed as other execution iSUPS that we’ve audited previously. While the facts confirm that this will most likely make it less powerful in cutting water than those different models, it likewise enables it to be all the more generally useful. All things considered, regardless of whether you will buy this for the speed, there is a decent opportunity that a few days you’re simply going to need to take it out for a pleasant day on the lake with the children.

We’re persuaded that a lot of specialists who plan paddle sheets have never really utilized a paddleboard. This is on the grounds that specific highlights that appear to be rudimentary to us appeared to escape numerous makers out there. iRocker is a significant champion here, particularly with regards to a basic component that they remember for every one of their sheets: removable three balances set up.

However much we love paddleboarding, we actually disdain moving up the iSUP and putting it into the knapsack after we use it. That goes twofold when we need to stress over fixed blades that we need to overlap without bowing and track down space for it in the actual rucksack.

The Sport has three completely removable balances that make the arrangement a breeze as well as give you the opportunity to pick what sort of blade arrangement you need. All things considered, when we are in exceptionally shallow waters, we will generally take out the middle blade at any rate in light of the fact that not only will it not help us but it’ll scratch against the base and get harmed.


Previously, quality in iSUPs was characterized by the number of layers of PVC a board had, and iRocker was generally of better quality with four layers. The disadvantage to this is added weight.

Throughout recent years, an ever-increasing number of organizations have been fabricating sheets with a harder inside, which allows them to utilize fewer layers of PVC and hypothetically a lighter iSUP. While that might be valid in making a more grounded board, the issue is that this doesn’t assist with outside harm like cuts. Furthermore, the keep-going thing you want on a multi-road trip is a harmed board.

iRocker’s new development this year consolidates the smartest possible solution by utilizing a more grounded drop join center while as yet having three layers of military-grade PVC outwardly to safeguard the board. This makes a solid board that can endure the components while as yet figuring out how to hold the load down. This isn’t the lightest 11′ iSUP available yet most likely the most grounded, pound for pound.

Included Accessories

While buying the 2021 iRocker Sport, this is what you can expect out of the container other than the actual board:

  • 3-piece travel paddle carbon matte shaft with nylon sharp edge
  • Double chamber, triple activity hand siphon
  • 10′ chain with key reserve spot
  • Premium travel roller pack
  • Removable nylon sup blades (1 focus balance and 2 side balances)
  • Fix pack (Patches and valve wrench – Does exclude stick)

iRocker likewise incorporates a wide scope of discretionary adornments, including their kayak seat and fishing connections. To likewise get their electric pneumatic machine, you wouldn’t get any issues from us. Trust us when we say we know precisely how troublesome these inflatable paddleboards can be to get up to pressure. To invest the energy in doing that with the included siphon or (like us) need to swell various paddleboards at a time, the optional electric vacuum apparatus can do a lot of good.

Our Take

The 2021 iRocker Sport is truly intended for someone who is attempting to move away from normal paddleboarding without being excessively out there. There are loads of genuine execution iSUPs on the lookout, yet they, for the most part, have an exceptionally exorbitant cost tag, and extremely outrageous elements, and are frequently produced by brands that aren’t as recognizable to the normal customer.

We comprehend that your standard 10’6″ X 32″ paddleboard can be restricting for many individuals, particularly when someone begins to get a few encounters added to their repertoire. A board like the 2021 Sport will allow somebody an opportunity to sparkle and to expand on their involvement with preparing to become more grounded paddle boarders.

Assuming you’re hoping to take your paddleboarding to a higher level yet need a board that can be utilized for something beyond hustling, you would be unable to track down one more board with these highlights, cost, and respectable makers. Therefore we strongly suggest the 2021 iRocker Sport inflatable paddleboard!

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