Nautical Kids Paddle Board Review 2023

The Nautical Kids paddle board is designed exclusively for children and provides stability, safety, and mobility for those just learning to paddle and those wishing to advance their skills.

As a rule, Nautical Kids is an expert on all-around sheets. Indeed, even their sheets that have more particular use are truly helpful in the vast majority of water conditions and sorts of exercises. Obviously, the Nautical Kids All Around is explicitly made for pretty much any kind of movement.

Basically, this is a carbon copy of the other iRockerAll Around however for a more modest paddleboarder.

Regardless of whether you take a gander at the advertising on their site, you can see that iRocker planned this considering ladies and more established youngsters. “To thoroughly assess its suitability for younger users, including complete information on the performance, features, and much more, don’t miss the ‘Nautical Kids Paddle Board Review’ below.”

Evaluate Nautical Kids paddle board review

Being that this is a more limited rendition of one more settled board and is somewhat more limited than your standard all-around board, is it worth the buy or are you in an ideal situation glancing an alternate way? Indeed, how about we haul this person out of the knapsack, explode it, and toss it on the water to find out!


This board excels at getting kids to love paddle boards and is ideal for exploring flat water, calm lakes, and marinas. If you desire a bigger challenge, it’s also perfect for ocean paddling.

Without skipping a beat, we ought to most likely notice that to allow this specific model the best opportunity, we will accept that the individual utilizing it will be on the more limited side. Our bigger analyzers had the option to utilize a leading group of this length, however, it was not ideal.

nautical kids paddle board review

The components of this board make it somewhat more extensive than you commonly find in an overall board. Obviously, it’s not horrendously unique however for a leading body of this size, we would anticipate that it should be more slender than the 32 inches it accompanies, as 32 inches is more normal with the board 6 inches or a foot longer than this one. Anyway, what’s the significance here once you’re in the water?

In addition to classification, you have a board that is additionally steady Anne is extraordinary at making more keen turns. When in doubt, the rounder the board the more steady it is. However, the other side of that is currently you have an additional drag in the water that will make your rowing experience slower than on a more slender board. For the vast majority, the distinction won’t be life getting updated, however, it will be observable.

With regards to paddleboarding, a great many people don’t regularly consider surfing yet that doesn’t imply that you can’t make it happen. As a matter of fact, the individuals who use paddleboards and vast water, wind up expecting to get at minimum some surf when greater waves come in. We’ve taken paddleboards out surfing and between 9 foot 6 inches and 10 feet appeared to be a perfect balance and being an additional piece more extensive will assist with keeping your riding more steady.


No matter what the size, NAUTICAL generally appears to track down ways of stuffing however many elements as could reasonably be expected into their sheets.

This is beginning to dial back, notwithstanding, on the grounds that it’s reaching the place where there’s just such a lot of you can put on a paddleboard. We should begin with the normal highlights that we would anticipate from an inflatable paddleboard of this sort.

Regardless, both the front and back have 6-point bungee capacity regions where you can put free packs and hardware, in addition to D-rings where you can cut on gear like dry sacks or coolers.

kids paddle board

The sort of individuals who utilize paddleboards consistently commonly appreciate having more extra room since they can remain out on the water longer and go on their outings significantly farther. Most paddleboards out there have some type of capacity utilizing bungee lines, yet iRocker takes it to a higher level.

On the subject of D-rings, there are 20 on this iSUP. These rings go about as connection focuses for both the discretionary kayak seat as well with respect to any kind of mooring.

A pleasant touch that we appreciate is the way they put a solitary D-ring under the board’s nose since these can be utilized for two. Whenever iRocker emerged with these D-rings all through the deck a couple of long time back, we didn’t get the allure right away.

Yet, the more we take out these sheets, the more we observe that it’s incredible having the opportunity to append ropes pretty much place along the deck. All things considered, you can constantly pick water conditions, dock situating, or vegetation, and being able to append a carabiner or rope pretty much any place turns out incredible!

The get handles are likewise a significant piece of this board and are one of our number one highlights all over. A standard community handle is what we would anticipate from most paddleboards nowadays however having a second and presently even a third handle is surely a welcome expansion. These additional snatch handles assist you with moving your board all through the water effectively and dragging it along the shore if important without harming the balance.

nautical kids paddle board review

Since last year,iRocker Nautical Kids began to incorporate activity mounts on the greater part of their sheets. This is incredible as an individual hoping to make an interest in one of these sheets since it ensures that more up-to-date includes later on that you might have never at any point considered can be utilized on the paddleboard that you purchase now.

For instance, these activity mounts can go about as mounting focuses for cameras, GPS, telephones, and presently even extra stuff like fishing sections to hold your stuff.

Over the long haul, you can feel certain realizing that you can constantly buy extra gear that comes available and simply append it to these standard-sized mountings.

Board Design

Perhaps the greatest distinction between the 9-foot adaptation of this board and the more modest variant is the accessibility of varieties. The 9′ NAUTICAL Only gives you three choices contrasted with a 6 with its bigger sibling.

The fundamental justification behind this is on the grounds that they obviously produce many less of this size model than the 9 foot, and subsequently, it doesn’t appear to be legit for them to create extra tones.

irocker nautical kids paddle board

Something that makes this a genuine universally handy paddleboard is the rocker, which is how much height the nose has. As a rule, the higher the rocker the more noteworthy the capacity to deal with waves, while the lower the rocker implies a more prominent capacity to cut water in smooth circumstances.

The rocker on the 9-foot Nautical Kids is impeccably adjusted so you can feel certain about most kinds of water without preparing.

The finished cushion is very agreeable both to remain on for significant stretches of time as well as to plunk down on or even SUP wellness schedules. The surface is explicitly intended to keep you locally available in any event, when things get dangerous, and to get water off the board as fast as could be expected.

Being a paddleboard, you’re clearly going to get wet, and on the off chance that the cushion isn’t planned considering that, having traction will be truly challenging.

At last, one of the absolute best elements with iRocker Nautical Kids sheets overall (as we would like to think) is that they have three blades that are generally removable. This three-balance arrangement is turning out to be increasingly more typical as it gives you extra speed and mobility while as yet being steady however can be a drag with regards to capacity while expanded or moved up.

Despite which brand or model of panelboard you pick, assuming it’s inflatable, it won’t be enjoyable to expand and collapse. Having these separable blade arrangements makes an unenviable assignment to some degree more reasonable. Now, we might appear to be somewhat skeptical about that yet recall the number of sheets that we’ve swelled, flattened, stuffed, and unloaded throughout the long term!


Before, quality in iSUPs was characterized by the number of layers of PVC a board had, and iRocker was generally of better quality with four layers. The drawback to this is added weight. Throughout the course of recent years, an ever-increasing number of organizations have been producing sheets with a harder inside, which allows them to utilize fewer layers of PVC and hypothetically a lighter iSUP.

While that might be valid in making a more grounded board, the issue is that this doesn’t assist with outside harm like cuts. What’s more, the keep-going thing you want on a multi-road trip is a harmed board.

iRocker’s Nautical Kids Inflatable board’s new development this year joins the smartest possible solution by utilizing a more grounded drop line center while as yet having three layers of military-grade PVC outwardly to safeguard the board. This makes a solid board that can endure the components while as yet figuring out how to hold the load down. This isn’t the lightest 9′ iSUP available yet most likely the most grounded, pound for pound.

Board Specification

Weight:17.2 lbs
Composition:Dual-Layer Military-Grade PVC
Tail Width:12.4″
Weight limit:220.5 lbs

Accessories Inbox Specs

Leash Length:10′
Paddle Length/Weight:67.3″/ 1.9 lbs
Paddle Composition:3–Piece Fiberglass Shaft and Nylon Blade
Pump Features:Single Chamber, Dual Action Hand Pump, 24”
Fins:3 Flip Lock Nylon Removable Fins (1 Center Fin + 2 Side Fins).
Total Weight of Package: 14.6 kg

Included Accessories

  • 3-piece travel paddle carbon matte shaft with nylon edge
  • Double chamber, triple activity hand siphon
  • 10′ chain with key reserve spot
  • Premium travel roller pack
  • Removable nylon sup blades (1 focus balance and 2 side blades)
  • Fix pack (Patches and valve wrench – Does exclude stick)
kids paddle board

The NAUTICAL Kids inflatable paddleboard additionally incorporates a wide scope of discretionary embellishments, including its kayak seat and fishing connections. If you had any desire to likewise get their electric vacuum apparatus, you wouldn’t get any issues from us.

Trust us when we say we know precisely how troublesome these inflatable paddleboards can be to get up to pressure. To invest the energy in doing that with the included siphon or (like us) need to swell numerous paddleboards at a time, the optional electric pneumatic machine can do a lot of good.

Our Take

To continue on pointlessly a tiny bit of spot more, this board isn’t ideal for everybody and the greater part of our commentators would presumably not use it actually. In any case, that being said, that has more to do with the size and the solace of bigger riders contrasted with more modest riders.

In any case, we actually consider this would be an incredible qualify for a more modest rider who is either beginning or is searching for a strong all-around board fit for a person of their size.

Perhaps the best use we can see for this board would be for youngsters due to the high weight limit contrasted with its size. Having the option to hold 370 pounds on a 9-foot Nautical Kids inflatable board is fantastic, so they could undoubtedly bring along a companion or two or more of the canine!

There are far fewer paddleboards of this size in the market contrasted with bigger forms, so we’re generally glad to see when an all-around believed brand like iRocker proceeds to plan one.

It’s conceivable that a ton of you perusing this as of now have somewhere around one iRocker Nautical Inflatable paddle board for you and are searching for something for the children or for a more modest sidekick. In the event that that is the situation, we energetically suggest iRocker’s 9-foot inflatable paddleboard For Kids!


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